Welcome at Tando Bone bungalows at Lake Poso, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.
At Lake Poso: Tando Bone bungalowsTando Bone
peaceful accomodations in a natural and tropical setting

General travel and stay advise for Tando Bone, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.


Ask your pharmacist, well before departure, for the latest information on the necessary vaccinations for this area and ask advice on malaria medication.

It is wise to request vaccination (series or booster) for Hepatitis A, Tetanus and Typhoid

Travel necessities 1. Medication
  • Your personal medication, betadine powder or cream, plasters, anti-diarrhea tablets, anti-allergy tablets, mosquito repellent, malaria medication (if wanted), motion sickness medication
2. Clothes
  • Hiking boots, sandals, water shoes (if wanted for hot sand and small pebbles), warm weather clothes, raincoat, sweater/wind jacket.
3. for swimming
  • decent swimming costume, snorkel gear, waterproof sun cream.
4. for women
  • tampons (some menstrual pads are available in a nearby village).
5. general
  • Mosquito net (when planning to stay over night in the jungle or in cheaper hotels), emergency telephone numbers, small Indonesian dictionary.
6. money
  • Only the newest, unmarked, unfolded US$ notes are accepted by banks in the big cities (Makassar, Palu, Manado, soon Poso again). Euro and Singapore Dollars are sometimes accepted.
  • most cities have ATM machines but they are sometimes empty. Bada Valley and Togian Islands have no ATMs.
  • Against all other advise it is necessary to carry cash Rupiahs between big cities.


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