Welcome at Tando Bone bungalows at Lake Poso, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Holiday bungalows 'Tando Bone' in SulawesiTando Bone
peaceful accommodations in a natural and tropical setting

Hill view - Tando Bone bungalow bungalows


bungalow 2


view from a bungalow

8 bungalows on the sandy beach
Tando Bone - Cottages in a row

to the kitchen and the restaurant


up to the restaurant, left to the kitchen

tree house

kitchen of the restaurant

clear water of Lake Poso
Clear water of Lake Poso - Central Sulawesi

Saluopa waterfall
Saluopa waterfall

The bungalows

floorplan of a bungalow
Is it a cottage or a bungalow?

view through bungalow
View of Lake Poso

A bungalow
A holiday cottage at the lake

the verandah
Bungalow verandah of a holiday cottage

the living room
Bungalow living room

the kitchen
bungalow kitchen

bedroom in a bungalow

Bungalow bathroom

Beach view

Tando Bone (street view)
Tando Bone

Map of Tando Bone and Lake Poso
A map of Lake Pose - Central Sulawesi

Tandobone bungalows Sulawesi Indonesia

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