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report since 2001

Overview of projects since 2001 of the Lake Poso Foundation.


13 computers made by IT high school Tentena for primary school installed, with wifi connection

IT high school and primary school
IT high school IT primary school

22 september - 5 oktober 2014

The same team of doctors that visited in 2011 and in 2008 operated again in 2014 in Tentena.

Read the report from Dr. Hans de Bruijn

end of 2011

Reconstructive surgery by our team in 2011.

Report by Dr. Hans (de Bruijn)

March 2011

Kristian before his first operation in march 2011
Joined effort with the World Craniofacial Foundation and the Lake Poso Foundation.


Team of Dutch surgeons and specialists visited in 2008 for reconstructive surgery. Report (in Dutch): Reconstructive surgery - project in Tentena

Stichting lake Poso has retired, stopped. Privately we still help where and when necessary. At this moment we finance the study of Pharmacy for Dila Anastasia Basiwia. All donations will for 100% be given to Dila's study now.


You can donate to:

Annelies van Hagen
pa Jl. Tanjung Bone, Desa Peura 94663

account number 520001013654536
Bank Rakyat Indonesia unit Tentena Poso
Jalan Setia Budi Tentena 124
Sulawesi Tengah, Indonesia